1938 guide to dating for single women

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1938 guide to dating for single women - Erotic slave chat bot

In 1991, British nurse Beverley Allitt murdered four children and injured five others by injecting them with insulin or potassium, causing cardiac arrest. In 1986, Seattle-based Stella Maudine Nickell poisoned her husband and an innocent shopper by planting cyanide-laced pain-relief capsules on drug store shelves in a intricate plan to cash in her husband's life insurance policies. In Australia, on a killing spree that lasted from 1991 until 1997, serial killer Kathleen Folbigg murdered four of her children by suffocating them. Famed "Monster" serial killing prostitute Aileen Carol Wuornos shot and killed seven men in Florida between 19.

She was given a 99-year sentence but, due to developments in the case since this episode originally aired, may be released as early as 2018.Each of the three original episodes covered the cases of four women or more women or groups of women who were united by the central theme of the episode.This mini-series of three episodes of the show was narrated by Marsha Crenshaw.Deadly Women is an American television series first aired in 2005 on the Discovery Channel, focusing on female killers.It was originally a mini-series consisting of three episodes: "Obsession," "Greed" and "Revenge".Their motive was that they felt like god and that there was too many patients to take care of.

In 1992, Melinda Loveless's jealousy sparks a revenge rampage that leads to the kidnap and torture of an innocent 12-year-old in Madison, Indiana, with the help of 3 other schoolgirls. In 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Spencer opens fire on a schoolyard in San Diego, killing two and wounding nine because she "doesn't like Mondays" (the case inspired the song "I Don't Like Mondays" by Irish punk rock group The Boomtown Rats).Blanche Taylor Moore used arsenic poisoning to kill her loved ones for over 20 years.Noticeably, she kept poisoning, over and over, her boyfriend, Raymond Reid. In 1955, Bar Hostess Ruth Ellis shot her boyfriend, David Blakey, to death after he caused her to miscarry and cheating on her with another woman.Sentenced to 25 years to life, Spencer has been denied parole four times. On May 19, 1983, in Springfield, Oregon, Diane Downs shot her three children, killing one of them.In Brisbane, Australia a so-called "lesbian Vampire murder" – a tale of satanic rituals, and gothic goings-on, culminates in the slaying of a male victim to satiate Tracey Wiggington's lust for blood in 1989. Diane's motive was simply to free herself of parenthood so she could pursue a romantic relationship with a married man who didn't want children and refused to leave his wife. In Medina County, Ohio in 1925, mentally ill Martha Wise poisoned three of her family members to death and crippled more than a dozen with arsenic because they did not approve of her choice of man.She also attempted to murder Annie's son, also named Harry.