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In the Career survey, 34% of managers who used these sites in the screening process reported dropping candidates from consideration based on the content found.Most concerning for these hiring managers were candidates posting information about alcohol or drug use, followed closely by posting of inappropriate photographs or information.

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Even an unprofessional screen name, while seemingly much more innocuous, raised concern for some managers.In this way, he can circumvent the privacy guards in place at social networking sites such as Facebook.Some students argue that their online personality is different from their professional personality.“I saw his drunk photos on My Space, and he just strikes me as immature. ” “I don’t know, but we have 30 other great applicants here to choose from.” “She’s a member of the Facebook group, ‘Medical Students Behaving Badly.’ I don’t think that’s someone we should bring in as a resident.” Applying for residency, as every applicant knows, is a long, complex process, and understandably so.Residency selection committees use every tool at their disposal to compare applicants.In a recent study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, researchers at a major medical school in the Southeastern U. evaluated the Facebook profiles of all students at their institution.

Of the 501 medical student participants in the study, 64.3% had Facebook accounts.

However, that’s not likely to stop a program director from making judgments about you based on your personal profile.

In selecting candidates, programs are searching for those who will succeed as residents and, later, as practicing physicians.

We recommend the following: • Google yourself regularly to ensure that troublesome or offensive material does not appear online.

• Employ whatever privacy guards or blocking tools are offered by your social networking site.

• Closely review your posted materials (i.e., comments, photos, membership in groups) to ensure you are displaying the professionalism expected in a future resident and doctor.