Accommodating the kinesthetic learner

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Accommodating the kinesthetic learner - Free no reg no email sex chat

Reading long excerpts from texts may tire a kinesthetic mind.So many words just sitting there on the page may overwhelm the kinesthetic brain.

They will be easily distracted and will look for reasons to leave their seats.Essay writing can pose difficulties because students can feel bogged down in so many words and ideas with nothing (physically) concrete to work with.Math above the grade four level can also be difficult for kinesthetic students to relate to.At the earlier grades, kinesthetic learners can be easier to accommodate in the classroom.Teachers often incorporate “manipulatives” (things like blocks, “power of ten” pieces, or money to teach and practise concepts in math, for example).If the concepts and formulas are demonstrated as they operate in the real world, this potential problem can be avoided (for example, finding the volume of a cup using a real cup and water as well as the appropriate mathematical equations).

Again, if the student is expected merely to work with concepts and formulas as they are presented orally or on paper, this may be quite difficult for the kinesthetic learner.Subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog for more great tips like these!by Dahlia Miller December 2006 When taking new information in, we all have different strengths.Today, I’d like to take a deep dive into Kinesthetic learning, which as identified in studies is used – to some degree – by the largest share of learners.If your dominant style of learning is kinesthetic, what impact does this have on you?Hands on labs also work well for kinesthetic learners – it’s how the physical translates to the online.

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