Accomodating foreign

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Accomodating foreign

If possible, meet visiting delegations at the airport.

It is appropriate to exchange gifts with visiting international delegations and GSU should expect that official international delegations will arrive on campus bearing gifts.

The university photographer should memorialize the event.

Be sure to send the photos to the guests and use them on our websites to publicize the relationship.

Place cards are recommended for meals of more than six people.

It is not advisable to prepare foods from the visitor’s culture unless you are absolutely certain it can be prepared properly.

Ceremonies involving the signing of agreements or special presentations should always be conducted with an air of formality.

Gifts can be exchanged either at the beginning or end of the ceremony.Such meetings could be for the purpose of exploring collaboration opportunities, discussing existing joint activities, courtesy calls or signing ceremonies.Longer term visits such as semester or year-long visiting scholar programs are beyond the scope of these guidelines.Prior consideration should be given to accommodations for international visitors.While in most instances local hotels within walking distance of the university will be adequate, factors such as the position/status of the visitor(s), relative importance of the visit to GSU, and nature of accommodations afforded to comparable GSU visits to the visitor’s country also will need to be considered.International visitors typically present high quality gifts and this should be kept in mind in selecting gifts for our guests.