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Transactions represent some of the fastest-growing online activities among men and women alike, with participation in banking more than doubling over the last five years, and doing travel arrangements, auctions, and purchasing not far behind.

Pew Internet Project surveys between January and June in 2005 show that 67% of the adult American population goes online, including 68% of men and 66% of women. Patterns of internet use: Men are slightly more intense internet users than women.Sometimes, men and women look for different kinds of information.After the events of September 11, men visited more websites to tell them about things that were happening; more women said the internet helped them find people they needed to reach.Women outpace men for a small number of activities, including the areas of health and medicine and religion.At the same time, women are closing the gap with men.Comparing where internet users were in 2002 to where they are today: Using the internet to communicate: More than men, women are enthusiastic online communicators and they use email in a more robust way.

More women than men send and receive email, and they use it in a richer and more engaging way.Women place a higher value than men on what email does for the relationships within the group.Using the internet for transactions: More men than women perform online transactions, although both share a rapidly growing enthusiasm for the internet’s function as a tool of commerce.Women are more likely than men to use email to write to friends and family about a variety of topics, from sharing news and worries to planning events to forward jokes and funny stories.Men and women both appreciate email for its efficiencies and convenience, but women are more likely to feel satisfied with the role of email in their lives, especially when it comes to nurturing their relationships.Men and women are equally likely to go to the internet for a wide variety of activities, from getting travel information to doing banking to looking up phone numbers and addresses.