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I'd known that I'd been interested in the insulin pump for maybe a year or so beforehand.

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But I've got nothing like that with the new adult clinic.

Then it seemed like doctor would just pop in for a few minutes and you get five minutes or so and then he'd be off.

And I didn't, haven't found it anywhere near as useful as with the previous consultant.

I'm there for less than an hour whereas at the, at the children's I could have been there for a couple of hours because it's a lot busier.

I don't know I mean [interrupt] initially I really did not get on with the doctor at the young adults. And that's because initially I felt that I was treated more as an adult at the children's clinic than I was at the young adults.

The authors said: “It is unclear how marijuana use could place an individual at increased risk for prediabetes yet not diabetes.”The data was taken from a group of more than 3,000 Americans now in their 30th year of a study called the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults. The percentage who self-reported current use of marijuana declined over from 28 per cent in 1985-1986 to 12 per cent in 2010-2011.

The paper suggests the lack of a link to type 2 diabetes could be because individuals excluded from the study had higher levels of marijuana use and greater potential for development of diabetes – or that marijuana may have a greater effect on blood-sugar control in the prediabetic range than for full, type 2 diabetes.

I mean I got on well with my previous consultant and I just found that the doctor that I had with the adult clinic first of all I didn't see him for anywhere near as long as I would have been able to speak to my previous consultant.

You, you'd go into the room and there'd be somebody else there that would take all your details and have a quick talk to you.

Those who no longer smoked the drug but had used it 100 times or more in their lifetime had a 49 per cent greater chance of developing the condition.

The link was not affected by BMI and waist circumference, the paper published in (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) found.

The authors, led by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health’s Mike Bancks, said: “Marijuana use, by status or lifetime frequency, was not associated with incidence or presence of diabetes after adjustment for potential confounding factors.

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