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Adult mobi

A West Midlands Regional bus pass costs from under £12.60 per week when paid by Direct Debit over 12 months.A Black Country bus pass costs from under £11 per week when paid by Direct Debit over 12 months and a Coventry bus pass costs from under £11 per week when paid by Direct Debit over 12 months.

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Its compact and slimline design means it can be easily manoeuvred from room to room, offering an extremely cost effective option for multi-transfer or multi-user environments.

The table below helps illustrates how much each journey to work may cost you based on 3 different distances using some assumptions about average fuel economy of 35 mpg and cost per litre of fuel at £1.10 per litre.

When you add it all together and think of all the things you can do with the time you get back by letting someone else do the driving, it makes great sense to hop on the bus!

We've got services on main roads up to every 5 minutes during morning and evening rush hours.

View our operating area map to check where your chosen bus pass is valid.

This product qualifies as ‘zero-rated’ and eligible for VAT relief, which means if you have a disability or are chronically sick, VAT will not be charged.

There may be funding or grants available to assist with this purchase. Hygiene products come with 2 years warranty as standard.

No fuss The Mobi heavy duty changer is electronically operated, which makes adjusting the height of the table simple.

Ba Kare's Hygiene Systems are CE Marked and specifically designed to conform to strict standards that allow use within all types of care environments.

Extended warranties are available to provide up to 5 years parts & labour cover.

This cover also includes an annual service & inspection for the duration of the extended warranty.

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