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authority over employee: Even if you are not supervising the employee you hope to date, do you have any power over the conditions of her employment?Does she reasonably believe you have authority over her in some way?

Perhaps a solution can be reached that does not involve filing a formal complaint or lawsuit, such as a job transfer which would prevent you from working with this person on a daily to top Since one of the legal requirements for sexual harassment is that the conduct be "unwelcome," make sure your supervisor knows that you consider their conduct to be unwelcome. Firmly refuse all invitations for dates or other personal interaction outside of work.However, you should be aware that the time deadline to file a legal complaint starts running on the date of the harassment, not the date which your company resolves (or fails to resolve) your complaint, so do not miss legal filing deadlines waiting on the company to resolve the situation.For more information about filing deadlines in your state, see our page on Sexual Harassment Legal to top While it is not against the law to ask out or date a coworker, here are some of the considerations you should keep in mind: anti-nepotism or dating policies: Your company may have a policy that prevents you, as a manager, from dating certain or all coworkers.Some companies, in an effort to reduce and/or prevent lawsuits, have adopted a "zero tolerance" policy where sexual harassment is concerned, which has led to employees being disciplined or terminated for conduct that was previously tolerated at work.So it is probably wise to curb the use of language in the workplace that has previously caused coworker complaints.While generally these policies are designed to prevent you from dating someone in your chain-of-command, be sure that you do not violate your company's policy, which may be stricter than the most common policies.

Some companies now ask that you notify the company before dating a coworker, and some even now require that you sign a "relationship contract," indicating that the relationship is voluntary and consensual.She might believe this if the chains of command are unclear, or because your job duties allow you to influence employment outside your chain of command.This could affect whether she feels free to accept or reject your request for a date.Similarly, harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability can also violate the federal laws, which make it illegal to discriminate on those grounds.For more information, see our page on to top It is unlikely that all of you will be sued; however, you should still be concerned about the workplace environment you are a part of.If it has been brought to your attention that at least one coworker finds the environment offensive, then there may be others who feel the same way, but who have not yet complained.