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In 1911, the Rossland Carnival final between Rossland and a team from Grand Forks, BC was hailed as the women’s championship of the world.

The Hollies would win four Banff tournaments and be awarded the Alpine Cup. During the 1936–37 season, the Calgary Avenue Grills (named after their sponsor, the Avenue Grill restaurant) were the provincial champions of Alberta.

In February 1921 a women’s international championship series that was be played in conjunction with the Pacific Coast Hockey Association.

One of the first professional teams were the the Vancouver Amazons from the 1920s.

In an 1899 team photo, the Ladies Club is pictured lacing up Starr Acme Club skates.

The Edmonton Rustlers were winners of the 1933 Alpine Cup, and defeated the Preston Rivulettes to become National Champions.

In addition, the Regents would go undefeated for four years.

In 1924, the Regents would dissolve and form a new team with some members of the Calgary Byngs Ladies club.

This was the first reported occurrence of women’s ice hockey in Victoria since 1914.

The three teams that competed were the Vancouver Amazons, Victoria Kewpies, and Seattle Vamps.

In 1919, the Calgary Patricias were formed but they were never able to usurp the Calgary Regents as a better team.

The Regents would win the Banff Winter Carnival tournament in 1919, 19.

In 1987, Toronto, Ontario hosted the first ever Women's World Championship, though the tournament was not recognized by the International Ice Hockey Federation.

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