Animated interative sex chat

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Animated interative sex chat

The first version of Quake World by id software was supposed to have been released on Sept.19, 1996, to coincide with a Quake World launch party at Pseudo in New York City.

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Instead of asking for a "login name" or "nickname" when you logged in it would ask for your "Pseudo".

Armed with the animation and his vision of future online communication along with the clout of Jupiter Communications, Jupiter Interactive landed a contract with the Prodigy online service to revamp their chat room offerings to reflect this avatar driven online chat room experience.

At this time online services charged users by the minute; part of Jupiter Interactive's contract with Prodigy was to create and maintain, with full creative control a channel called “Pseudo”, as well as chat rooms on Prodigy for which they would receive a portion of billable hours from users of the Pseudo channel and chat rooms.

The computer animation featured a stadium with massive TV screens at the center and cartoonish people with TVs for heads which had the “online users” face being displayed in real-time singing the catchy jingle song “Launder My Head”.

This was in mid-1993, before most even heard of “World Wide Web” and there were only two online services at the time (Prodigy and Compuserve) .

With the expansion of the Internet and the release of streaming audio technologies by Real Media, Pseudo was made into its own company broadcasting audio only programs from its website at

One of the most popular shows was Quakecast, a show focused on a growing videogame subsculture centered around 'first person shooter' games like ID software's Doom and Quake.With the release of video streaming technologies, Pseudo evolved the shows to live streaming video with multiple cameras, broadcast graphics, interstitials and streaming video commercials.In 2000, with the bust of the Dot Com Bubble, the bottom fell out of the internet market.We as parents have beenbeware that Children in this technology era something use the i Pad,computer and so on too much, there has to be a time limit put on to it example .....Outdoor play fresh air ,building playing in the sand pit not all day looking at a i Pad with Apps.The content of this new channel on Prodigy was created for the most part from parties at the company's new offices.