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Although there is some looseness in usage of the terms, complementary therapies refer to those therapies that do not replace or preclude conventional medical therapies, whereas alternative therapies are treatment options outside the orthodox range, that may be used in place of conventional treatments.

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Some complementary therapies have been subject to scientific evaluation and shown to be effective (Level I evidence).Researchers working with the federal research agency CSIRO outfitted each shark with a satellite tag that tracks water temperature and depth.In two months, the tags will detach from the sharks, float to the surface of the water and transmit valuable information about the sharks' movements. btw the reason the beach (according to the map, it seems more like a lagoon) is so clean here in australia is because of the strict laws against polluting the beaches. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me, lass, come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with meeee.....i think it has something to do with the great barrier reef undergoing coral bleaching. However, some therapies that might be considered ‘complementary’ can in some circumstances be harmful.

For example, some dietary supplements, including megadoses of vitamins and minerals may interfere with chemotherapy.It is to the advantage of all concerned, if patients are able to discuss complementary and alternative therapies openly, secure in the knowledge that they will continue to receive support and understanding from their treatment team.For many women, feeling they can assume some control of the treatment of their disease is psychologically empowering.In addition, there are potentially negative psychological and financial impacts related to use of alternative therapies.A recent survey of Australian women with breast cancer found that 87.5% had used complementary therapies, with many using 4 or more therapies.There are safety issues to be considered for the use of therapies that alter diet or involve the consumption of substances, since many have not been assessed for safety.