Ben affleck jennifer garner dating history

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has confirmed the truth surrounding rumors of Ben Affleck not wearing his wedding ring and other rumors that suggested that the couple were leading anything other than a picture-perfect life.

Ben Affleck had a 7-year on-again, off-again relationship with his high school girlfriend, Cheyenne Rothman.This is a recount of Ben Affleck’s official and rumored conquests in 10 pictures.I remember the moment in April 2005 when I heard that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were getting married.The couple became engaged and were known as “Beniffer” by the paparazzi.During their 2-year relationship, they were a very popular couple, but their wedding was postponed apparently due to extreme media attention. In 2004, Ben Affleck started dating Jennifer Garner, and a year later, a baby girl was born.For nearly 10 years, the Oscar-winning actor was married to actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he shared a relatively normal family life—leaving aside the fame and the fortune—next to their three adorable children.

Ben Affleck’s private life was so normal—meaning so boring for tabloid standards—that it wasn’t news material.

The couple were married in 2009, and they now have three children together.

the movie he directed, won the 2013 Oscar Award for Best Picture.

Ben Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer was his lifeline during those disappointing and turbulent years at the box office.

Over the past few months, and especially last week after he was seen on a date with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus, Ben Affleck’s romantic life has made its way to the headlines.

The former Hollywood couple officially filed for divorce last week and put on a united front on Easter Sunday as they attended mass together however, TMZ has reported that the Batman star has now left the family home.