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The result was the birth of the zom-rom-com, by far my favorite hyphenated genre.The film's romantic conflict is simple (slacker tries to win back his lost paramour by showing he can change), but is placed on the background of a Romero-style zombie apocalypse.

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Cause Peter Falk says so and I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and listen while you bad mouth Columbo.Even if you can't relate to that experience, however, Peter Gabriel on a raised boombox has given boyfriends a cheap alternative to chocolates and flowers for more than twenty years now. How about Bill Nighy has a foul-mouthed, asshole pop singer?A couple that falls for each other while working as nude stand-ins for a movie?They get together, the girl's father disapproves, they break up and he tries to win her back.Normally this is the stuff date night movies are made of and typically put thoughts of suicide in the mind of any guy who has to sit through 120 minutes of it, but it actually breaks the mold and is totally acceptable without an XX chromosome on the other side of the couch.Before he made a name for himself with , a romantic comedy set in Colombia.

Honestly, I feel sorry for any man who walked past their local theater and saw that title with this poster.won't be expecting said guys to be gushing about this romance movie to their friends: they know who their target audience is, and it ain't the ones with dangly parts.It doesn't exactly come off as manly to admit to your friends that you cried a bit when the dreamboat finally admitted his everlasting love to the 30-something workaholic who always put her job before her love life.Zack and Miri Make A Porno is about two friends who discover that they have long had feelings for one another. These are all classic romantic comedy storylines, just hidden behind hermaphroditic porn and interspecies erotica. Apparently John Cusack has a superpower that allows him to transform the most feminine genre outside of period pieces and musicals into a masculine affair. As much as the movie is about Rob Gordon's love life and all time, top five most memorable break-ups, the film's subtext regarding music's effect on everyday life is far from exclusively feminine.Throw in the snarky, career-making performance by Jack Black and a rich fantasy about crushing the head of your ex's new boyfriend with an air conditioner and you have a movie that is better suited to be watched in the living room instead of your windowless basement. This is not your typical romantic comedy, and I say that knowing that it is the only one that features James Gandolfini being blown away with a shotgun, Brad Pitt as a stoner who smokes out of a honey bear, and Gary Oldman as a Rastafarian pimp.All of these movies have their gentler sides (Andy's first date with Trish in , etc.) that keep the films in genre, but have the nudity, videogames, marijuana and all things generally classified as "guy humor." No need to hide your appreciation of Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill or Paul Rudd, gentlemen.