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There are also discussions of powerful Egyptian women, pharaohs, and Egyptian society. Ancient History: Egyptians This is an impressive introduction to Ancient Egypt aimed at students from BBC.

Special features include a clickable virtual tour of the New Kingdom with 360 degree panoramas including the West Bank of Thebes, Abydos and Karnak; a clickable virtual tour of New Kingdom primary source art; a dozen video clips from the series; a timeline of 500 years identifying major events of the New Kingdom; a tour of a day in the life of Ancient Egyptians; and an exploration of hieroglyphics.Clickable mummies guide students through the Mummification process, with explanations of embalming and wrapping.Shockwave-generated activities include an exploration of the underworld, a map reading challenge, an Egyptian numerals test, a hieroglyphics challenge, a time-keeping challenge, a match-tool-to-craftsman challenge, and a challenge to figure out the find out the height, area and weight of the Great Pyramid.Visitors to the site can also examine a wall relief in the Pharaoh section and try to identify objects in a museum.Finally, there is a “staff room” to help teachers use the site.Each object image is annotated and elicits points to “notice,” “discuss,” and “compare.” Resources include a glossary and maps of the Northern and Southern Nile Valley, worksheets for teachers on Egyptian deities, pose and gesture, royal regalia, symbols, and hieroglyphics, a bibliography for both students and teachers, external links, and more.

The Curriculum Connections features 30 lessons and activities.

Embedded You Tube video and 3D multimedia play a key role at the site, especially in the engaging Rebuilding Ancient Temples exposition and the Ancient Videos section.

keep up-to-date on Ancient Egypt news and website updates via Mark’s bi-monthly newsletter and take your hand at some of his quizzes.

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The Kings and Queens section is more essay format, but again features excellent images.

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