Blackberry contacts not updating from outlook

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This article looks at how you can use Microsoft Outlook as your Contact Management and CRM system without the installation of any additional client software or Outlook Add-Ins, and still interface Outlook with your back-end CRM or ERP system. It represents a new, yet incredibly simple approach to CRM that is guaranteed to work where other systems might fail (or may already have failed).Equally important, for those organizations wanting to adopt a CRM system, it is a very good system to implement first, even if one later “graduates” to a more comprehensive CRM application at a later stage.

Reluctance to Use New Technology: If everyone is already using Outlook, and has been trained on Outlook, or at least has become familiar with its functionality then there is no impact on their daily routine.NET, a web-based CRM system that can naturally be used anywhere where an internet connection is available.In both cases the user would still have full “offline” access to his or her Outlook folders (e.g.We can do this by looking first at the basics of a Contact Management system, which still today is the core of any CRM system.go to top of page By installing an application like MX-Sync ( that synchronizes Outlook data between Exchange Server Private/Mailbox folders and a back-end SQL database, the above-mentioned limitations can be overcome. Extending Outlook into a full CRM System Once your users have become familiar with all the Contact Management aspects of Outlook and used these to create a ‘clean’, shared, corporate database, they are ready to extend the functionality of Outlook to incorporate more advanced CRM facilities such as Opportunity Management or Campaign Management.And invariably if the user does not see sufficient benefit in the system soon enough (i.e.

before these new habits are fully developed), then they continue to do what they were doing before the new system was introduced and as such the new system falls into disuse.CRM has received a lot of negative publicity over the years because of the failure rate of CRM implementation projects.A recent Butler Group report found that 70 percent of CRM implementations fail.These facilities may only be required by certain users.Depending on whether these users are office-bound or ‘field’ workers, they can choose to install MX-Contact, an Outlook Add-In that connects directly to the same SQL database used by MX-Sync, or MX-Contact.Users already appreciate the benefits of Outlook as a “Personal Information Manager”, especially as Microsoft touts Outlook as being one.

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