Breaking bad dating patterns

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Breaking bad dating patterns

Tunny messages sent by radio were first intercepted by the British in June 1941.After a year-long struggle with the new cipher, Bletchley Park first read current Tunny traffic in July 1942.

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The Tunny machine Tunny was one of three types of teleprinter cipher machine used by the Germans.The first model bore the designation SZ40, ‘SZ’ standing for ‘Schlüsselzusatz’ (‘cipher attachment’).A later version, the SZ42A, was introduced in February 1943, followed by the SZ42B in June 1944.In July 1944, the Königsberg exchange closed and a new hub was established for the Eastern links at Golssen, about 20 miles from the Wehrmacht’s underground command headquarters south of Berlin.During the final stages of the war, the Tunny network became increasingly disorganised.The operator at the receiving end, who had the same QEP book, set the wheels of his Tunny machine to the same combination, enabling his machine to decrypt the message automatically as it was received.

Once all the combinations in a QEP book had been used it was replaced by a new one. In short, adding two sames produces dot, and adding a mixed pair produces cross.The rules that the makers of the machine selected for dot-and-cross addition are simple. In symbols, (x y) x = y, for every pair of keyboard characters x and y.For example, adding N to M produces T, as we have just seen, and then adding N to T leads back to M (see right-hand column).Some or all of the wheels moved each time the operator typed a character at the teleprinter keyboard (or in the case of an ‘auto’ transmission from a pre-punched tape, each time a new letter was read in from the tape). They stood side by side in a single row, like plates in a dish rack.As in the case of Enigma, the rim of each wheel was marked with numbers, visible to the operator through a window, and somewhat like the numbers on the rotating parts of a combination lock.One carried the radio equipment, which had to be kept well away from teleprinters for fear of interference.

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