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It documented 173 cases of members of the Burmese military—often officers—using rape or other sexual attacks against women in the country’s eastern Shan state in their efforts to subjugate insurrectionist groups.

The examples detailed occurred mostly between 19, before DCI took on Burma as a client.

Military officers committed 83 percent of the rapes documented, and the report found these attacks were often in front of their troops. Many victims were subsequently tortured, beaten, and killed.

Just one problem: Reports from activists on the ground and from the U. State Department indicate that the military was, in fact, using rape as a weapon of war when DCI represented it—and still does so to this day. Filings with the Department of Justice, available on its Foreign Agents Registration Act database, show the DCI Group took the Burmese government as a client on May 13, 2002. Of course, we abhor the horrors of war and oppression, especially physical or sexual violence against women and children.

Today, like all Americans, we are pleased to watch as Myanmar continues to evolve as a democracy and in the expansion of civil and human rights.”When it was a client of DCI’s, the Burmese government faced accusations that it was responsible for more than 100 brutal rapes of ethnic minority women.

In another case, a soldier tied up and raped a 5-year-old girl, leaving her sexual organs bloodied. “It was so comprehensive—it was so well-researched, to an international standard in terms of human rights research—that it led the State Department to conduct their own investigation of the charges.”The subsequent State Department investigation corroborated the findings of “License to Rape.”Adam Simpson, of the Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre at Australia’s University of Adelaide, said no serious criticism of the report ever emerged.“There’s no credible argument that this report produced anything other than documentary evidence of the systematic use of rape as a weapon of war,” he said. The firm distributed numerous press releases—publicly available on the State Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Act database—to try to destroy the credibility of the report, and of the groups that produced it.

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