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Farmers' markets became more popular, Welsh organic vegetables and farm-made cheese started to appear in supermarkets.Restaurants are promoting the quality of Welsh ingredients, encouraging people to purchase Welsh produce and creating new dishes using them.

Fisheries and commercial fishing are common and seafood features widely in Welsh cuisine.

Instead it was strongly influenced by Somerset and Devon on the other side of the Bristol Channel.

Dishes such as whitepot and ingredients such as pumpkin, rare elsewhere in Wales, became commonplace in Gower.

The Welsh food riots began in 1740, when colliers blamed the lack of food on problems in the supply, and continued throughout Wales as a whole.

The worst riots happened in the 1790s after a grain shortage, which coincided with political upheaval in the form of forced military service and high taxes on the roads, leaving farmers unable to make a profit.

Welsh cuisine encompasses the cooking traditions and practices associated with the country of Wales and the Welsh people.

While there are a large number of dishes that can be considered Welsh due to their ingredients and/or history, dishes such as cawl, Welsh rarebit, laverbread, Welsh cakes, bara brith and the Glamorgan sausage have all been regarded as symbols of Welsh food.

There are some variations in the foods that are eaten around the different areas of Wales.

These variations trace their roots back to medieval cooking.

The laws show how much value was put on different parts of Welsh life at the time, for example that wealth was measured in cattle; Food would be cooked in a single cauldron over an open fire on the floor, it would likely be reheated and topped up with fresh ingredients over a number of days.

Some dishes could be cooked on a bakestone, a flat stone which could be placed above a fire to heat it evenly.

The invasions of the Romans and Normans also had an effect on the fertile areas which were conquered.

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