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The National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express partnered up with the National Main Street Center to create Partners in Preservation, an initiative to preserve and increase awareness of historical American sites.The 2017 Partners in Preservation: Main Street campaign is working to...

This week, Forbes released the Forbes 400 annual list of the “richest people in the United States”. Thanks to pest control company Orkin, Chicago has been declared the Rattiest City in the country for the fourth year in a row.

Dollop offers a classic cappucino alongside specialty beverages such as the Nutella Mocha and the Dirty Chai. Hyde Park-based Build Coffee is a hub of activism and progressive politics.

Build offers its homey space as a venue for theatre, workshops, art exhibits, book clubs, gaming, and more.

While there is certainly no shortage of them in the area, there are at least ten that deserve a...

As the Melting Pot of the Midwest, Chicago’s affinity for varied influence and origins runs deep—right down to the caffeine that fuels every day’s hustle.

In a city where the temperature drops to icy for many months of the year, a good, indoor gathering spot is essential. Ipsento’s clientele tend toward the kind-hearted and egalitarian.

That helps explain why the Windy City offers a plethora of incredible coffee shops, spaces where communities gather, neighbors chat, and people catch up on their pleasure reading or work. They’re earnest about their coffee, but relaxed about life.

Part of the appeal: The space’s knockout aesthetic is just eclectic enough, just unexpected enough, to succeed only in the hands of a true savant. Tiki and Polynesian décor as an homage to the Pan Am Clipper Planes of the 1930s.” This is a spot to feast to feast the senses. When the weather’s nice, your friends will never want to leave.

Fern’s describes it space as a mix that ranges from “1970s-era influences to… A rooftop deck, wired for music, connects to a fabulous indoor area with a wet bar and refrigerator.

At 19’ wide by 19’ deep, it’s the smallest building in the Loop, and in the 1970s, it was under threat of demolition.

Luckily, in recent years the Pickwick stables have been transformed into one of the most intimate, surprising spaces in the Loop. Michigan Avenue, #2800, you’ll find a 3-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,000-sq.-ft.

Build supports the arts in more ways than one: Patrons find a collection of local, small-press titles, zines, literary journals, comics, and art books. year-round Farmers Market, Blackstone Bicycle Works, and what Build calls “three of the most exciting journalism projects in the city: the Invisible Institute, City Bureau, and the South Side Weekly.” This is a great space to pull up a vintage velvet chair, order a few black coffees, and go deep into new ideas.