Chris brown rihanna dating long

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Take a stroll down memory lane with the Millennial generation's most volatile couple.

After seven years of catastrophe in the making, we have compiled a timeline of Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship.

When Chris Brown and Rihanna got together back in 2008, it seemed like a match made in pop music heaven.

Sadly, a year into the relationship came Brown's now infamous scandal.

"Chris and Drake, them two was there, but it's other people that be around that take … The whole open-ended saga is exactly the kind of Schadenfreude love story we've come to expect from Hollywood, and will keep this duo in the tabloids for years to come.

Chris Brown and Rihanna have had a seriously rocky past when it comes to their dating life, but sources are now claiming that Rihanna has actually been doing a whole lot of “reflecting” when it comes to their former relationship.

“[Rihanna] never loved someone the way that she loved her some [Chris],” continued the source amid speculation the two could potentially start dating again.

“Guess it’s the holidays that’s got her in her feelings.” Claims suggesting Rihanna has been doing a lot of thinking about her past dating life with Brown come just days after also alleged that Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins is allegedly hoping to see her son reunite with his former girlfriend.claimed back in May that Chris thinks Rihanna, who was thought to be dating Drake at the time, is “wifey material” after seeing her perform at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.“Chris Brown thinks [Rihanna] looked absolutely stunning at the [Billboard Music Awards],” a source revealed earlier this year, claiming that Brown couldn’t stop gushing over his former girlfriend months before the source alleged that they could soon be dating again.The site also reported that Chris was ready to start dating Rihanna again this past October, claiming that Brown believes he’s still on his ex’s mind following her breakup with Drake and reportedly thinks that one day he and the “Love On The Brain” singer will be back together and dating again.A source alleged to the site earlier this year that “Chris knows he’s still on Rihanna’s mind,” and claimed that despite their complicated past, “[Chris] still loves [Rihanna] dearly” and supposedly can’t imagine her ending up with anyone else besides him. Actually all those answers are good but it is true that Rihanna might be cheating on CB with Jay-Z. Also when Beyonce' went to Los Angeles, Jay-Z was in New York, hooked up with Rihanna and started dinning, and went to Jay-Z's club for 4 hours. It might be true that Rihanna is just cheating on CB.