Chronicles of a dating diva

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Chronicles of a dating diva - Wechat sluts

A symbol of possibility and movement ever so slight peeking out around the corner? There is still time to cross the finish line a winner. Here is my top 10 list of strategies to finish strong: 1. Stay relevant: If you do not stay up to date someone else will.Is it synonymous with slight shifts in behavior and perception? The opportunity to reach my goals, mountains yet to climb, issues left to resolve. Don’t ignore the signs: If something need addressing, face it, handle it and move on. Only you are responsible for how your story will unfold or end! Update your resume/social media profile: Even if you are in the most secure position, you should update your resume, bio, profile and head-shot once a year.

In the biography, George Lucas: A Life, published by Little, Brown, writer Brian Jay Jones tells of the filmmaker's decades of love adventures and how he finally found the woman of his dreams at age 61.After years of endless work with no time off, Griffin wanted a vacation, and she wanted a child.Lucas kept putting her off and they finally adopted a little girl, Amanda, in 1972 after years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive.'I had made the decision, after Star Wars, that I had certain goals in my private life.Since I was a little girl, Labor Day has always been my favorite holiday. Longer days, casual Friday’s, activity filled weekends, vacation, casual reads and days at the beach.Nevertheless, by the time August rolls around I am ready to hang up my flip flops, put away my gardening tools, roll up my sleeves and get back to work!Putting your aspirations on paper is a form of commitment. Sharing your goals with trusted advisers makes them hard to ignore.

It is the first and most critical step to creating a successful strategic action plan. No one wants to be the slacker that starts an exercise routine and fails to follow through. Call a Board Meeting, or simply call your Personal Board: If you don’t have a Personal Board them make it part of your goal list to get one.

Then she will break his heart into thousands of pieces and go on to someone else.'They dated for five years and never discussed their relationship publicly but Ronstadt rented a house in San Francisco, where she traveled from her home base in Los Angeles and 'playfully carried around an Empire Strikes Back lunchbox'.

Smart and charismatic, the Princeton-educated Hobson, 37 years old at the time, had a circle of powerful friends that included Oprah Winfrey, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Warren Buffett and former senator Bill Bradley.'I'm a '60s, West Coast, liberal, radical, artsy, dyed in the wool 99 percenter before there was such a thing.

Defined; your Personal Board members are mindfully chosen advisers and confidants that will help you rise through the ranks.

They will become your accountability partners on your road to success. The energy you are putting into plotting your revenge could be energy better spent toward crafting your future success story. Reconnect: Get back in touch with the people and relationships that slipped through your fingers this summer. Finish something you started: Vow to finally sign up for the last two classes required to complete your masters.

One was to be independent of Hollywood, the other was to have a family. I couldn't see myself living that way for the rest of my life.'She was really the warmth and the heart of those films, a good person [George] could talk to, bounce ideas off of, who could tell him when he was wrong,' stated actor Mark Hamill, best known for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series.