Coastal speed dating

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Coastal speed dating

If groundwater is young it is likely that the host aquifer is more vulnerable to contamination.Furthermore, knowing the age of groundwater throughout an aquifer will also allow a hydrogeologist to assess how quickly contamination will spread and if it can be contained.

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I should also mention that the clock on a groundwater age starts once it becomes groundwater.14C was also produced in significant quantities by atomic weapons testing and created a “bomb pulse” like our contestant tritium below which is also used to date groundwater.The great thing about radiocarbon is that since we know exactly how much is produced we can always estimate an age. The age obtained from 14C and many other groundwater dating tools is the apparent age, which means it is inexact and vulnerable to aggregation errors when mixing young and old water mix, and requires the dater to consider other sources of inorganic carbon that contain no 14C such as ancient limestone.Pumping could draw more water into the aquifer from recharge (not always an option) to replace what is lost, the water pumped could be from groundwater already stored in the aquifer, or it could be groundwater that was leaving the aquifer via discharge into a river or lake that is now diverted to your well.Another great reason to know the groundwater age is to assess the vulnerability of an aquifer to contamination.Name: Krypton 85 and Krypton 81 Nickname: 85Kr and 81Kr, The Twins Personality: Different, One short tempered, the other slow to anger Half-life: 81Kr: 10.75 years, 85Kr: 230,000 Groundwater age range: 10 – 100 and 10,000 -1,000,000 years (using different Kr isotopes) A little about me: These two twins could not be more different.

Both are isotopes of krypton but with hugely different applications.See me previous post on atom trap trace analysis for the details on this method that has made 81Kr dating possible.81Kr is produced by cosmic ray interactions with gases in the atmosphere that become incorporated into rain that can recharge groundwater.Nevertheless, they may be worth a longer look in your future?Name: Tritium Nickname: 3H, The Friendly One Personality: Popular, Nice Half-life: 12.3 years Groundwater age range: 10-100 years A little about me: Tritium is the popular isotope in groundwater dating.There may be lots of it, but the aquifer could take a long time to recover.

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