Complaints on elenas models dating

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Complaints on elenas models dating - automatic dating for love site

They can't be ALL lies and they can't be ALL wrong.

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Listen I have seen testimony after testimony after testimony of negative events with elena's models in other places.

What she failed to tell me until I arrived in Kiev with the K-1 visa papers that had been prepared by my attorney was that she had been married a second time to a police man and still lived in his flat with her two daughters Marianna and Veronica. One thing she didn't change was the fact that she smokes cigarettes..another surprise she forgot to mention. Her daughter Veronica and Marianna, I found out searching Russian type Facebook were traveling around Europe last summer on my dime! why do you use the names Veronica Reveka and Marianna Reveka? I haven't got a clue who you are Olga and would not have gotten involved in this scam of yours except for your bovine response to my original comment. Rk.........................please keep the world informed of this cancer amongst us.

She indicated that she was divorced from him but I was very skeptical that she had failed to mention anything about him in over 400 E-mails and many conversations. She would do whatever it took to get her two daughters out of Ukraine before they turned 21. Reveka in excess of ,000 including paying for her daughters college (I think they were going to college? When I tried to contact Elainas, I received no response except to remove my profile from their data base. She told me they could not live on their meager salaries so I was sending them money!! She cannot get a lawyer for my divorce so she is a short time from deportation. They really don' like women whose only goal is a green card! I am surprised that anyone who knows Olga Reveka would think I am Olga...

They were as intrigued as I was/am and started to search for you and the scammer. And if so, I will leave an Email where you can get a hold of me. You and Joe must be pretty beat up by now by these trolls, are you able to stand ; ))))) Now, she is pretending to be you???????? No offense but if that is her picture on the right, she looks like she is 75-80 years old. Couldn't find a picture of "Olga", do you have one? I have been even arrested for going to my street mailbox to retrieve a prescription, I needed.

That doesn't make sense because all the women on those sites are young. We have done a little investigation and we think we know who you are and I will call your office in the morning via a satellite phone and leave an email where you can contact us....................... Because of my litigation, I Will refrain from giving you any more info at this time but in the future I will do all I can to keep her from doing her evil on any more men.

What is ironic is that they left her profile online with the confirmation! This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 06/22/2009 AM and is a permanent record located here: Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. This woman and her daughters sound like real trolls. She was very bizarre with her posts here in trying to respond to me but make it look like she was someone else. Well, I hope it all turns out well for you and if you need any help publishing that web page and making it go viral, let me know; Im a IT specialist for a fortune 500 company. soon I will have a website dedicated to her and her daughters. She CANNOT write proper English, and can barely speak English. She is a scammer without any scruples or conscience.

By this time I had to find out the truth and retained a detective agency to check Mrs. They found the marriage divorce decree! There is a black list but it is controlled by Elenas through a third party. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. Take care man, Dino Keep me informed................... She is trying confusion now saying she is not Olga Reveka! If, as you say, you lived with her you know this is correct. I married her, spending thousands on fees and applications and waivers to get her a green card.

I agree 100% with this comment about this site and by the way all you "positive" speakers no amount of your positive comments gets Elena Petrova/Elena Solomon from being removed from being permanently blacklisted here! Ya, I just had the same issue as Joe with Elenas Models.

My friend told me to pick a woman with a confirmed profile to make sure there was no scam. I later found out that the pictures she posted were taken 15 years ago! I no loose money but you MUST be careful of gold diggers.

The key in dealing with Elainas Models is to verify all the information for yourself. And whatever you do; don't send any funds unless you can honestly say you are expecting nothing in return. *Ask yourself why their are no women from X-Soviet countries that have been accepted into the European Union?

If your gut tells you something is wrong; it probably is. Please consider the following: *Most of the women are from 3rd world countries that have not been accepted into the European Union. The average wage for 99.5% of the population is under 0 per month. Could it be that they have the ability to get out of their respective countries on their own without the assistance of Elenas?

This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest.

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