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I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a topic called Tang Stamps where members could post the lists of tang stamps. It would be great to have that information available here online also.

Four blade folding hunter, handles are intact, full blades, has been cleaned to high excellent. ( 88177-sto) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 211 Remington R6884 four blade worked back swell center congress. Handle of the pliers are formed into an adjustable end wrench. ( 88208-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 229 KA-BAR, Union Cut. extended bolster folding hunter, brown bone handles, KA-BAR marked on the dogs head, saber ground, exc.

I though if we have the information in a one s topic it would be handy. For those that might be unaware, John Goin's Ecyclopedia of Cutlery Markings is a great resource for this information.

What made me think of this topic I purchased some old knives the other day and spend hours trying to find information.

Nm ( 88203-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 225 KA-BAR Olean, NY combat knife, WWII era from the sheath, although marked with the service branch on the back, some pulling on the leather washer at the guard, and very good overall otherwise. ( 88207-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 228 KA-BAR Union Cut. Knife is yellow celluloid imitation onys, and the hatchet blade is marked "Kabar" (probably not correct for the handle but all Kabar made. ( 88209-sto) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 230 Union Cut. take apart spacer stag handles large hobo, 5 1/2" blade, full blades.

( 88204-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 226 Buster Brown Shows stamed ax, in "Plumb" on button sheath, exc. Curved mark on the master blade and straight mark on the second blade, one small chip on the front handle, and the front stag spacer is discolored but a great knife.

( 88211-sto) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 232 KA-BAR, on the tang, "PAT" on the back, brass inner liner is marked, "Union Cut. ( 88269-mmm) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 235 Case 6250 Bradford Bonanza sunfish, jigged laminated wood handle, knife is mint except for three or four specks. ( 88299-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 243 Remington Bullet R1253, nice handles, blade has been ground to flat ground, and while correct to the pattern does not seem to be in the right frame. ( 88240-mmm) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 245 Case XX 53087, stag handled 3 blade. ( 88241-mmm) Minimum bid .00 Lot 246 Case Classic 63043 1/2 marked Case Brother 1990 , jigged brown whittler. ( 88229-mmm) Minimum bid .00 Lot 247 Three cutlery items. Parker in 1978 for his outstanding KA-BAR collection.

( 88270-mmm) Minimum bid .00 Lot 236 Case XX 6299 green bone, light green handles. ( 88271-mmm) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 237 Case Tested 5375 Long pull. Olean NY in a curved mark, wharncliffe whittler with saber clip blade, crest shield. (Many of the knives featured in this collection came from that collection, plus a 1273 Bullet Remington repo (1995) and a 1998 Ft. North American tang mark, nickel silver wrapped pearl handles, exc.

circa 1908 - 1921STA-SHARP circa 1927 - 1941CRAFTSMAN copyrighted 1928Even though he stated 1928 as a start date for Craftsman, Goins dates the CRAFTSMAN tang stamps as 1941 to present (1998, time of publication).

Click here Home These are the terms that govern this auction. Lots 1-99 Lots 100-199 Lots 200-299 Lots 300-371 KA-BAR Knives and dating them 1898-Tideoute Cutlery Co. Tideoute marked knives were only made 1898-to approx. No need to describe how rare this knife is after that. Jigged brown bone handles ( 88184-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 215 Trio of Remington pre-1940 Texas Toothpick knives, Candy stripe celluloid handled R953, exc, full blades; R9835 with horizontal celluloid striped handles, vg blade; and straightline with rough black handle and vg blade. ( 88186-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 216 Remington pair of square bolster muskrats, R4593, one with excellent blade and one with very good blades. ( 88187-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 217 Remington pre-1940 R3565 green pyremite handled punch stockman, acorn shield, exc. ( 88192-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 219 Trip of Remington stock knives, all R3095 pattern wut each with different celluloid handles, acorn shields and punch blades on each. ( 88193-sto) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 220 Olcut, Union Cut. Olean NY hunter, bakelite handles, 8 3/4" oal, 4 1/2" blade, full blades except for a big chip in the center of the blade, original pouch sheath, exc. ( 88194-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 221 Three Smith & Wesson imported knives, SW820, SW970, and SW980. rare stacked leather washer handled hunter with the KA-BAR "Kill-a-bear" shield. Trailing point blade, 8" oal, 4 1/4" blade, leather sheath, ( 88200-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 223 KA-BAR pat 1926 on front, Union Cut. on the back, yellow and black celluloid handle trailing point, exc.

formed in Tiedoute, PA 1902-Factory purchased by Wallace Brown, Started in Tideoute, PA as Union Razor Company Union Razor Company, Tideoute mark used 1902-1909 (Equivalent in Case language--Case Brothers, W. ( 88176-sto) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 210 KA-BAR, Union Cut. Moore" on the front handle, blades are full, and knife is near mint except for a serious dig in the pearl and a crack across the back handle. ( 88178-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 212 Rare KA-BAR, Union Cut Co. This is one of those grail knives you hear about, may have seen, but never had the opportunity to own--until now. ( 88188-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 218 Pair of Remington pre-1940 jumbo congress knives, 4 1/4" bone handles, bar shield, vg blades, no cracks and half congress with matching shield, grooved bolsters. All MIB (not a duplicate--we have two sets of these in this auction) ( 86150-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 222 KA-BAR pat. Plus blade, 8 3/8" oal, 4 1/2" blade, some foxing starting on the front handle. ( 88201-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 224 Kabar USA pliers in leather pouch.

He said he had sold it to the consingor for 00 at the time. ( 88183-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 214 Pair of 5 1/2" swell center toadsticker knives, both marked Union Cut. One with vg blade and shield stamped Union, Same pattern with a plain shield and "KA-BAR" deep struck into the blade, exc.

After 1923--KA-BAR on main blade, and Union Cutlery Co. ( 88169-sto) Minimum bid .00 Lot 205 KA-BAR, Union Cut. ( 88171-sto) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 207 Remington pre-1940 R3883 four blade stockman, jigged bone handles, grooved bolsters, exc.

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