Dating an occasional pot smoker

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Dating an occasional pot smoker - Sex chat with no sign up

I noticed over the years he would get a little annoyed if he called me and I was under the influence, but then he would laugh and tell me he loved me. Recently, he told me he couldn’t have our relationship progress if I ever smoked pot again. Now, please bear in mind that my family is totally cool with me doing it once in a while.My sister and I do it together all the time, and it’s really fun for us.

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She told me it was having a stressful impact on her and her 10 year old...

Me and my girlfriend (ex, now) was in the bedroom watching TV and out of the blue she asked me "what was my fetish or wildest fantasy?

" I was reluctant to tell her for fear of being embarrassed, I didn't say anything at first. It all started when I was about twelve and my cousin would come and look after my brother and me we would all watch telly and she would smoke I would watch her and try and sneak one of her cigarettes.

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" To this I replied "not really" (she had a tendency to hold her... When I do see a woman smoking I tune everything else out around me.

I mostly enjoy seeing women smoke while in their cars whether it be at a traffic signal or in parking lots. If I know can watch a woman puff away I will plan on being at the right place at the right time to see her smoke. Mostly woman taking kids to school they have the same schedule and everyday I get a glimps of them... I am here again to inform you I posted on my blog the best deals on Black Friday week.Omg, When She Places The Cigarette Between Her Soft Sensuous Lips and Light It. When I was much younger a lady did this to me while having me sit in... It's probably those hot, daring, adventurous women who always played the femme fatale. My own smoking started when the (very attractive) mother of a good friend of mine sat me next to her, put her arm round me and...Sleek, beautiful and dangerous - a cigarette in hand, they promised ecstasy beyond belief. I have had the fetish for many years and I've tried many ways to convince my wife to smoke occasionally for me.i don't know what the reason is but watching a woman smoke has always given me a thrill, there was one friend in particular who had a mother who I was fixated by when she smoked. She would chain smoke the entire time as she drove.It is still something that gets to me now, watching the woman draw on the cigarette, long ones... My aunt would always smoke around me and at times I would sit on her lap and she would blow smoke in my face. Each time she lit up a plume of smoke would go straight...Mom was a legal secretary and I found out later office wife for an...

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