Dating and bad raps

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Dating and bad raps - dating or flirting with others

Now you’re poking me in the eye, Bill Laimbeer muthaf***** it’s time for you to die” Comment: From the late 80s to the early 90s, anybody anywhere in America who fouled a player on the court was referred to as Laimbeer. Song Name: “Street Dreams”Rapper: Nas Year: 1996 Lyric: “She got me back livin’ sweeter, fresh Caeser Guess, David Robinsons, Wally moccasins.” Comment: The song which took the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” and famously flipped it to “Street Dreams” contains this lyric which rhymes Robinsons and moccasins. I wonder if David Robinson owns a pair of moccasins? Song Name: “Pump It Up (Remix)”Rapper: Jay-ZYear: 2003 Lyric:“I’m the Mike Jordan of the mic recordin’Hovi, baby you Kobemaybe Tracy Mc Grady Matter fact you a Harold Miner JR Rider, washed up on marijuana Even worse you a Pervis Ellison You worthless fella You aint no athlete, you Shawn Bradley” Comment: I love how the quality of player gets worse and worse as the rap progresses.

Song Name: “Sum S*** I Wrote”Rapper: Common Year: 1994 Lyric:“Like Kareem I got the hook up.” Comment: Simple, powerful.Fresh hair do’s are a big part of hip hop, and these lyrics paint such a vivid image of an event that countless fans can relate to; getting your haircut and going to a game.Song Name: “Entaprizin”Rapper: Big Daddy Kane Year: 1998Lyric:“Even the NBA make rap dollars Shaquille, Chris Webber, Cedric Ceballos.” Comment: Any rap that somehow include Cedric Ceballos in the company of Webber and Shaq deserves to make the list.He got game refers to the name of the Spike Lee movie starring Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth, and anyone who has ever played outside has likely come in contact with a chain net (and possibly cut the hell out of themselves on it as well).Song Name: “Cry Babies (Oh No)”Rapper: Ludacris Year: 2001 Lyric: “I’m a Sac King like Chris Webber.” Comment: As much as I don’t like the flow of Ludacris, his onslaught of punch lines could knock the wind out of almost any hip-hop fan.No-one before or since had a hook shot quite like Kareem.

Has anyone before or since had a hook-up like Common?

This is one of those songs that sent millions of listeners to the internet to look up the lyrics in order to decipher exactly what Kanye was saying; How many of you still think it sounds like he is saying Timister Hardaway? It certainly took me a few listens before I finally grasped the ingenious word play at work here.

Song Name: “Tough Guy”Rapper: Beastie Boys Year: 1994 Lyric:“Butcher me on the court, Too many elbows to report. On another note, I think Ed O’Bannon sells used cars now.

I researched hundreds of songs that mention basketball and put together a list of the 21 greatest lyrics that make reference to current and former NBA players.

A brief comment about the lyric and its selection appear below each entry.

Song Name: “NBA on NBC Theme”Rapper: Rasaq Year: 2003 Lyric:“Rasaq is like Ray Allen, He got game.

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