Dating and socio economic status

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Dating and socio economic status

Educated at the Jesuit Georgetown University, former Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Edward Schmitz, Blackwaters operations chief, is a member of both SMOM and Opus Dei.An American investigative journalist compared the US firm Blackwater, the biggest security services provider in post war Iraq, to the Knights of Malta.

and yet is controlled by people within and outside our government whose allegiance is primarily to the foreign Vatican state.

The father of the CIA, Wild Bill Donovan, was a Knight of Malta.

In order to be a director of the CIA you must be a crusading Knight of Malta and it doesnt hurt if you are a member of Skull and Bones either.

The Knights of Malta are the militia of the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath which is taken extremely seriously and to the death.

The Pope as the head of the Vatican is also the head of a foreign national power.

In other words, Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome through the Order of Malta, which is itself considered under international law, as a sovereign entity with special diplomatic powers and privileges.

Thats just an elaborate front, as should become clear to you later.The company is currently in the midst of a controversy after some of its 20,000 personnel stationed in Iraq killed a number of civilians.In his book, Blackwater: The Rise of the Worlds Most Powerful Mercenary Army, Jeremy Scahill links the modern security firm to the Knights of Malta.But dont take my word for it, do you your own research, find out and expose them yourself before these dirty Blackwater mercenary thugs are allowed to patrol American streets and confiscate guns during the next staged disaster. John between 17, is reported also to have been a freemason, and is said to have helped the spread of freemasonry in Malta This lodge noted in its petition that the most important members of the Order of St. , a key character of his time, known how to give it the impulse necessary for its development.Very close to the Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Malta, Manual Pinto de Fonseca, Cagliostro founded the Rite of High Egyptian Masonry in 1784.of the Byzantine Empire (Roman Empire) on a Red Shield was adopted in 1743 by the infamous goldsmith Amschel Moses Bauer.

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