Dating genuine widows in surrey

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Dating genuine widows in surrey

‘I have men on my books who are more than happy to meet women their own age – and older. Above all, they want a best friend.’ As if to make a point, on the day we meet, Sarah took a call from a client, a 64-year-old man whose partner (to whom Sarah introduced him) has just left him – for a younger man.‘He thought she was The One,’ she says, ‘but she’s ended it to move in with a 50-year-old. No one will believe it, but it’s true.’ Older women these days know how to look good and have been through enough testing times to take a relaxed view on life. ‘I believe the more intelligent the man, the less of an issue age is,’ says Sarah. I have this intuition test: when I sit in front of a man I ask myself – if there was a fire, would he get me out?

I’ve had women discounting men because they aren’t tall enough. Or he’s divorced, so he must have something wrong with him. I think it’s because we live in a society in which we think we can order up just what we want; a sort of Identikit person. I sometimes wonder whether women do this on purpose to protect themselves from ever having to find someone.’ Harsh words, but the story of my friend Jen convinces me Sarah is on to something.

Hoping to penetrate an untapped market, she placed an advert, and when the phone started to ring off the hook, ‘we knew we were on to something.

It was mainly women who called at first, then the men started coming forward – at one point we didn’t have enough women to go round.’ Her first few ‘matches’ fell into place quickly, lulling her – and her business partner – into a false sense of security. But then the hard work started.’ That hard work was understanding what made two people likely to get on: simply sending them on a lot of dates wasn’t enough. And ladies, it is WE who are slaves to The List – of qualities we want – nay, INSIST on – in the perfect man.

“Meeting new people can be daunting at the best of times.

A lot of our new members, although affluent and attractive, may have reached a low in their life, having lost a loved one or gone through a traumatic divorce.

Then there is the prospect of giving up life as you know it to move in with someone new,” she says.

Howes encourages her clients to be more adventurous in looking for a partner (when they are ready).

It seems that most people over 40 are just out of shape and ... Hi there, I’m a 30 yr old female that’s looking to make new friends.

Looking for workout partner (Good Life Members only) I'm 23 years old male standing 5'8" tall, weighting 120 pounds Looking for workout partner male or female (Good Life Fitness Members only) should be close to my size. And as we get to know each other I would like for us to ... I have a busy routine during the week with my job, but weekends usually free. Things I like doing: shop at the Bayshore mall, ... Looking to meet new people Hey everyone, I'm a female in my mid twenties looking to meet people (male or female) and expand my social circle Not from Sudbury originally, I have a 6 year old and 2 energetic pups. Looking for workout partner (Good Life Fitness Members only) I'm 23 years old male standing 5'8" tall, weighting 120 pounds, looking for workout partner male or female (Good Life Fitness Members only) should be close to my size. looking for cool friends Hello, I am fem in early 50;s wanting to find females and males who are want to start a friendship.

Many people want to meet someone outside their circle of friends and work, but this could mean meeting someone who doesn’t live locally, and moving can be a step too far.

By rethinking how a relationship can work, rather than jumping in by moving in, couples can ‘live together apart’ (LTA).

The men on my books are good men.’ But it’s a notoriously tough business to be in (emotions run high and common sense can run low), but Sarah claims success rates of around 70-80%. ‘None would have met if I hadn’t persuaded them to forget what’s on The List.’ Sarah clearly is a persuasive woman.

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