Dating in louth for

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Dating in louth for

In his own words after the siege of Drogheda, "When they submitted, their officers were knocked on the head, and every tenth man of the soldiers killed and the rest shipped to Barbados." The Earldom of Drogheda was created in the Peerage of Ireland in 1661.

It is known for its tourism and as a centre of industry and medical care.Drogheda was an important walled town in the English Pale in the medieval period.It frequently hosted meetings of the Irish Parliament at that time.Despite local tradition linking Millmount to Amergin Glúingel, in his 1978 study of the history and archaeology of the town, John Bradley stated that "neither the documentary nor the archaeological evidence indicates that there was any settlement at the town prior to the coming of the Normans".The earliest monument in the town is the motte-and-bailey castle, now known as Millmount Fort, which overlooks the town from a bluff on the south bank of the Boyne, and which was probably erected by the Norman Lord of Meath, Hugh de Lacy sometime before 1186.In 1825 the Drogheda Steam Packet Company was formed in the town, providing shipping services to Liverpool. and a ship emerging from either side of the barbican.

In 1837 the population of Drogheda area was 17,365 of whom 15,138 lived in the town. The town's motto Deus praesidium, mercatura decus translates as "God our strength, merchandise our glory".The 2007–2013 Meath County Development Plan recognises the Meath environs of Drogheda as a primary growth centre on a par with Navan.In recent years Drogheda's economy has diversified from its traditional industries, with an increasing number of people employed in the retail, services and technology sectors.The parliament was moved to the town in 1494 and passed Poynings' Law, the most significant legislation in Irish history, a year later.This effectively subordinated the Irish Parliament's legislative powers to the King and his English Council.In 1790 Drogheda Harbour Commissioners were established.

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