Dating personals connecticut

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Dating personals connecticut

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I don't have a specific type of art that I gravitate to. I don't specifically have a religious group that I associate myself with but I am a spiritual woman..... I'm kind of straightforward and blunt in the beginning, but once I warm up to you I can a total dork.

We don’t have a physical relationship, and on the whole I am not attracted to men.

I will say that I feel very blessed to have people in my life who understand me and selflessly motivate me to be the best person I can be.

I like to joke around and have fun and be mature at the same time. I believe god loves all no matter what race , color , or sexual preference. I am a loving, friendly, kind, honest, trustworthy person. I'm not your stereotypical nerd but I love to read... The littlest things make me laugh..smallest acts of kindness are the things that get imprinted to my mind, my heart, and soul. I like make up, but I don't consider myself to be the grisliest of women.

I do believe in the higher power, but I don’t go to church. I have accepted that I will 4ever be a student in a school called Life. I have a motto I go by and it goes like this; "Learn to listen and Listen to learn." This has helped me be the good person I am today......

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