Dating remington rifles serial number

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Some of these changes were not readily apparent while others were quite noticeable—such as the elimination of the “lightening cuts” on both sides of the rear sight base, the elimination of the small gas escape hole on the right side of the receiver and the drilling of the rear guard screw hole completely through the receiver tang.

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The disaster at Dunkirk left the British in extremely perilous straits as thousands of badly needed rifles were abandoned in France when British troops were evacuated to England.

Some changes were fairly easy to accomplish, and others were more involved. The firm was assigned the serial number block of “3,000,000 to 3,599,999” for its initial production.

The British were pressing for new rifles as soon as possible, and passage of Lend-Lease legislation opened up other avenues of arms procurement. Ordnance Department immediately contracted with Remington for M1903 rifles in order to arm the rapidly expanding U. Ten “trial production” M1903 rifles were produced soon after the contract was granted, and the first 1,273 production rifles were delivered in November 1941.

Even after adoption of the M1, however, the ’03 remained the primary American service rifle until production of the Garand could meet the demand.

Even though large numbers of M1917 “American Enfields” were manufactured and issued during World War I to supplement the supply of M1903s, the “Springfield ’03” remained the standard U. military service rifle until the adoption of the semi-automatic M1 “Garand” rifle in 1936.

In any event, the “M1903 Modified” designation has come into widespread use today to differentiate the Remingtons that incorporated the manufacturing modifications from the original, finely crafted ’03 rifles that were turned out during the first few months of production and will be used in this article to identify this variant from the earlier and later variants.

It should be recognized that the production “shortcuts” were phased in over a period of time.Some of the earlier M1903 Modified rifles will have few stamped parts and later production will exhibit more stamped components.Remington turned out M1903 and M1903 Modified rifles as fast as production permitted, and they saw use as training rifles and were used in combat fairly early in the war.The use of some stamped components to replace costly and time-consuming milled parts was also instituted.The stamped parts included the lower barrel band (and band spring), butt swivel, magazine follower and, eventually, a one-piece trigger guard/magazine assembly.S./Remington/Model 1903/Serial No.,” and the barrels were marked “RA” (Remington Arms) in addition to the month and year of manufacture. The early Remington M1903 and M1903 “Modified” rifles (r.) were inspected by Col. Bowlin, “RLB,” chief of the Rochester Ordnance District. Stamped metal components were used wherever possible, such as on the trigger guard (l.). The initial order for 134,000 was increased to 308,000 and again raised to 508,000, with a target production rate of 2,000 rifles per day.