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“The reality is when you lose your spouse, you lose your social life,” she said.But Manville built a new social life by meeting other RVers after joining the LOWs in 2001.

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And while they live in separate RVs at opposite ends of the park, Ricker likes being able to check up on them, while giving them the independence they both desire.

“The majority of the people in here are widows or widowers,” Lane said.

“They had a good, full life with the spouse they had and they don’t want to replace them.” But that doesn’t mean single RVers want to spend their remaining years alone, either. Seventy-year-old Trena Manville of Tampa remembers what it was like after her husband passed away in 1991.

And it’s the only park of its kind where single RVers can purchase ownership rights to their campsites, according to Park Manager Kathryn Lane.

“The park was originally started by five women from Vermont who were either single or widowed.

“We have people who go down there every week,” said Lane, who also volunteers with the local humane society.

But while Florilow encourages people to enjoy a wide range of activities for single RVers, it also provides a safety net for its residents.For example, if someone doesn’t show up for an activity, people will go to check on them to make sure they’re OK.“Everybody looks out for everyone else,” said Eileen Ricker, a 64-year-old who lives at Florilow year round.What both parks do have in common, however, is a customer base comprised largely of members of Loners on Wheels or the LOWs, the national RV club that regularly organizes RV trips and other activities specifically for single RVers.Sixty-nine-year-old Tom Johnson said Florilow is appealing to 55-and-older RVers who want an active social life with other single RVers without feeling any pressure to start a relationship with anyone.Sites are available on an overnight basis, for lease and for purchase.

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