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Windsor Trading Standards confirmed that it took claims of fake profiles very seriously and had had "ongoing dealings" with Global Personals regarding this practice.Former employees revealed that their job, the details of which they were not permitted to discuss with anybody outside the organisation, was to search the profiles of genuine members from around the world, select the most attractive photographs, and create artificial profiles, known as "pseudos".Each employee was responsible for managing up to 15 different pseudos. Firstly, it was intended to coerce genuine members who had registered for free into paying a membership fee, in order that they could respond to the messages which they had received.Secondly, it was to dissuade paying members from cancelling their monthly subscriptions: the pretence would sometimes continue for months, until the victim put too much pressure on the employee for a real-life meeting, at which point the pseudo would use one of several previously-prepared strategies for discontinuing the interaction.In some cases the employee would then target the same member, using a different pseudo.FOR SUCCESSFUL DATING BUSINESS LAUNCH WE RECOMMEND HAVING A MINIMUM OF 2-3 MILLION PRELOADED MEMBER PROFILES. WE HAVE 29,330,205 GENUINE AND ACTIVE DATING PROFILES FOR SALE AND OUR SERVICE HELPS ALL OF OUR CLIENTS CREATE MORE REVENUE EVERY DAY. Expand your online dating business byadding hundreds of thousands of new active dating members to your dating database (Over 80 million worldwide unique dating profiles with live email addresses available) Continue You can choose profiles from our databases by: type (standard / casual), country, state, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc….

and focused on buying appropriate keywords on Google Ad Words for a dating website.

This platform was the first iteration of the company’s current turnkey dating software.

In November 2012, Channel 4 News revealed that the company had created a team of employees whose job was to create fake accounts for its network of websites, in order to send large amounts of flirtatious messages to genuine users.

By doing so, we advise our clients on strategic planning, corporate and securities laws, SEC accounting, investor relations, capital raising and investment banking-related matters.

Our website will give you an expanded view of HFG and the services we provide.

They simultaneously worked on building a large database of members in order to launch a private label platform to be used by affiliates and partners in building their own individualised dating websites.

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