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The foreigner must also abide by the legislation of his country at the same time as the Russian laws.For example, these may include reaching a higher age than allowed in the Russian Federation, having an agreement of parents, complying with certain terms of engagement, etc.

believe in living life and experiencing all it has to offer.There are immigration lawyers and agents who specialize in marriage visas.Their role is to ensure that all forms and documents are filled in correctly and requests from authorities responded to promptly. Most people who decide to hire a fiancée visa lawyer do it to avoid delays.Credentials issued by foreign states should have a Russian translation and Apostille stamp. Usually only one of the local offices in a city is allowed to record nuptials with foreign citizens.You will also require a visa, for which you need a private invitation from your wife-to-be.Joining & Profile You may use site’s search tool and browse a large catalog of beautiful single girls, even not being a member but to be able to use all site’s features and membership advantages, you will have to register. Just create your username, password, enter your e-mail address and that’s it.

You will get confirmation e-mail when your membership approved, so don’t forget to change setting of your spam filter to be able to receive e-mails from this site.Documents required to get married in Russia: One advantage of getting married in Russia is that in this case the foreigner can get a residence permit faster. Marriage in a third country Many Russian women and western men opt to get married in places with uncomplicated requirements to prospective spouses such as Cyprus, Fiji, or Czech Republic.Once the couple got married, they simply obtain an Apostille and then legalize their nuptials at home.If you resumed to take your international relationship to a new level of commitment, there are certain laws to marry a Russian lady.Depending on where you intend to register a marriage, different laws will apply.By law, you can enter nuptials with a woman from Russia in her home state, your country, or even the place where you both are foreigners.

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