Dating wood furniture dove staple

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Dating wood furniture dove staple - pua online dating conversation

However such terminology as mint condition should be accompanied by any other pertinent details as found below.In all cases, if these factory conditions are beyond the norm typically seen on art pottery and other earthenware forms, they should be mentioned in the description.

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Normal crazing and typical factory flaws that are seen on pottery does not necessarily exclude a piece from being classified as mint condition if it left the factory this way.

Good condition Good condition generally means that the piece is in very presentable state and may have defects other than how it left the factory.

It may have some minor discoloration, minor wear to gold gilding or sponge gold decoration, minor knife and fork scratches, minor restoration and should be explained and illustrated by accompanying illustrations (photos).

Minor surface patina, slight wear or minor surface scratching is acceptable but is worthy of mention when adding further description of condition.

Poor condition Poor condition is not a terminology that is generally used by sellers or dealers when describing condition.

Fair condition Fair condition is a terminology used to describe a piece that is not necessarily of great value due to its faults and damages which have occurred over the years but still has some collector and decorative value.

Such pieces have been devalued due to damages such as chips, cracks, stains and unprofessional repairs.

porcelain, bone china and pottery, there are some basic prerequisites about the process of china manufacturing necessary to know that the untrained or unknowledgable may consider as damage, for example: stilt marks, glaze slips, transfer slips, kiln sags, kiln splits, underglaze grit and other terminologies.

As we proceed to explain these terminologies we will afterwords know that some of these conditions are acceptable and expected conditions for many antique pieces of china that were made prior circa 1900 when kilns were heated by coal and wood.

These terminologies above are explained below once we have sorted through the various explanations of condition or grading of chinaware.

Mint condition Mint condition usually implies that a particular piece of chinaware, metal-ware, glassware and furniture is in as made or like new condition.

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