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Nicks had an affair with Eagles' Don Henley (at right in 1973 and with Stevie years later), founding member of the group, drummer and singer.

Me in my house, with him saying ‘I’m going to visit you’., There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) and Thorn in My Side. In the early Nineties, Stewart admitted experiencing ‘Paradise Syndrome’ — a psychological condition where sufferers become severely depressed because achieving great wealth and fame leaves them feeling there is nothing left to strive for.Meanwhile, there was talk of blood-curdling rows between the pair, who would go weeks without talking to each other.She wants to move on.’In the more than 30 years since they stopped being lovers, it’s been blamed for the break-up of two of Lennox’s marriages and their bouts of depression.Despite the troubled relationship, there remains a special connection between them, which friends believe they have never really resolved.Guests included the actor Colin Firth and comedienne Ruby Wax.

One explanation, offered to me by an executive at their former record company RCA, is that the love-hate relationship between the pair is such that Scots-born Lennox has vowed to stay away from her former boyfriend for fear he ‘causes a disturbance in her new marriage’.‘It was touch and go whether he would pull through.’Annie nursed him back to health and off drugs, and they formed The Tourists, getting a top-ten hit in 1979.But the group broke up acrimoniously a year later, leaving the couple having to repay £35,000 to their record company.But she went on to launch a solo career that has seen her win a record eight Brits, four Grammys and an Oscar for her song Into The West from the soundtrack of The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. Her 2003 album Bare was seen by fans as a cry for help.The last song, Oh God, features the lyrics: ‘Oh God, where are you now? You don’t exist.’The controlling Raman persuaded Lennox to give up meat, alcohol and coffee, and she enthused at the time: ‘Radha has changed my life. Before we met, I was terribly confused about what I wanted.’Unsurprisingly, Dave Stewart, too, was vehemently against the odd union.To maximise the glamour factor, rocker turned celebrity photographer Dave Stewart has chosen to hold his latest exhibition of pictures of his famous friends in the ultra-chic Sunset Marquis hotel in Hollywood.