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At night, I was a cast member in the live stage show and a character that enhanced the ambiance of the resort.As I grew and matured, I searched for a career in which I could entertain people, yet simultaneously change their lives for the better.

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When I got a call from Tiffany Schmidt from the University of Akron, I realized I couldn't selfishly covet the joy of telling David on the phone myself.John, Peter, Will, Barry and Rick are among the best speakers I have ever heard. People will see right through it immediately, label you a hypocrite; and they'd be right.Tom, Craig and Buzz taught me about mastering stage presence and living and loving what you do on stage, and in life, every day. David's birth into the performance spotlight was under a circumstance that breeds many of the finest at what they do, not because they are somehow better than the rest of us, but because they began practicing their art in that glowing time of youth when skills are accepted and adapted exponentially faster than after we're done maturing.Being "The Dating Doctor" allows me to do just that every single day.One thing David is not doing is to let this Award go to his head.I pride myself on being a 9.5 out of 10 or higher, but I was a little distracted and to have that percolating inside my head the entire time was a bit surreal.

To have all my friends and family present and to be at Akron where I got my start in student activities really made me feel as if my career had come full circle." We all stand on the shoulders of giants to some extent; David is no exception and is proud to cite those influences that helped him get where he is today. Will Keim, Barry Drake, Rick Miller, Tom De Luca, Craig Karges, Buzz Sutherland; these are speakers and entertainers who inspired me to do what I do as well as I do it.Simply stated, like Tiger Woods, he's been at it a long time.And in this unique case he's not only been honing his stage presence for years, but has even grown up in the business side of booking and activities, giving his agency Coleman Productions credentials many independent speaker startup agencies lack.'" Best known as "The Dating Doctor," David also carries the title of "America's Real-life Hitch," like the popular film of the same name starring Will Smith, on which David worked closely promoting the film for SONY Motion Pictures.David considers this the culmination of his career and years of tirelessly touring the campus market. After narrowly missing out last year, David Coleman has rallied the "troops" and pulled off the unthinkable to become the first speaker ever to win Campus Activities Magazine's® Reader's Choice Award for Entertainer Of The Year.

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