Dogpile ticker not updating

02-Feb-2017 05:08 by 5 Comments

Dogpile ticker not updating - Girls skype numbers for sex chat

Also if you could provide us with screenshot of your device's status window, that could help us determine what could be wrong.So download Window is open all the time, that's fine.

Uninstalled 1.7.4 and installed 1.7.3, rss was updating every ten minutes.

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Morning all, RSS feed has suddenly stopped updating.

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So the link above, regarding duration of your layout and try to maybe lower the Collection Interval to lets say 60s for test and see if that will change anything regarding your rss feed updates.

If not, then I'll ask to export your layout so we can test it in our test environment.

The only change between 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 (in regards to this issue) is that the media timer starts immediately, whereas before it would start only when the content has loaded.

So because of that when you have everything set to 10min you might see(or actually not see) rss content updating not as you want.

Hi all I am back I have a brand new installation, everything on latest versions and rss ticker is still not working as it should.

Everything downloads fine to the players except for the ticker.

Thanks Just an update on this, I have rolled back the machine to client 1.7.3 and now the RSS feed updates every ten minutes..

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