Down with dating

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Down with dating

As I was waiting outside, a lady came out and called my name.

“After grade 11 I badly wanted to peruse my dream and my parents were not surprised as they knew the amount of love I had for acting but they didn’t like the idea.

Tumi Ngumla is one of South African actors who rose to fame by being voted for as the best couple alongside Abdul Khoza on the Grand Finale episode of Class Act Season 2 in 2011, since then Tumi’s career flourished.

Six years in the industry is not a child’s play; she opens up about how her journey has been and the difficulties she is currently facing.

But it doesn't have to be all Netflix and ice-cream binges.

Here's where to go for singleton V-Day lolz instead... Head to Social Pantry supperclub for their F**K Valentines Day supperclub.

“I have been told over and over that if I want to be relevant and get more gigs I need a scandal so that the media can write more about me.

And sometimes you are told you cannot get a particular role even if you perfected the audition because of the number followers you have on twitter or Instagram.

Pick up your fake name on arrival and get to know other sombre singletons at ‘Speed Hating’ and ‘Blind Hate.’ It’ll be fun, promise…

It's that time of year that if you're single, reminds you, that yep you're totally single.

Johns natural beauty says she was a lost soul when it had to come to studies.” “I never loved what I was doing at school, I had to drop out.

After high school I took a gap year then I studied advertising then after two years I dropped out, and studies marketing and I hated it.” “I had already given up on my dream of becoming an actress when I auditioned for class act; funny enough that day I accompanied my friend to audition and he put my name on the list without me knowing.

On arrival you're given a fake name before getting to know other singles who feel the same way during 'Speed Hating' - essentially slagging off all the things you dislike. Luisa Omielan is the Brit comic whose routine about her lack of a thigh gap (seriously, google it) went viral.