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This Friday, May 13th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET, RRP’s director John Howe and Amy Ries will join us on the Decorah Cam to answer questions about DN3’s passing and any other questions you have about the life cycle of bald eagles.Simply tune in to the cam during the chat and type your questions in the comments section below the player!

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Some time last night, the youngest and smallest eaglet, DN3 or Little Bit, died in the nest.The pair, a British man living in Dubai and a female friend, were arrested in November on accusations of kissing and touching each other intimately in public and consuming alcohol, their lawyer said. In a high-profile case in 2008, a British couple narrowly escaped jail after a court found them guilty of engaging in drunken sexual activity out of wedlock, and for doing so in public on a beach in the emirate.They were sentenced to three months in prison followed by deportation, but had their jail terms overturned on chat now , chat no register , free text chat , random chat , Singles chat , Nickname , Age , Sex ( Male / Female ) , Country and State.Simply put your username below and click let's talk button to start your live chat You might find someone sexy to chat online.Dedan is a post-graduate student at Karatina University in Kenya with a lifelong passion for conservation/wildlife research and with a deep interest in carnivores and disease ecology.

For his Master’s thesis, he studied the spatial and disease ecology of domestic dogs in Laikipia, Kenya with an aim establishing how use of space and spatial patterns by dogs influence wild-canids conservation where he thinks that dogs pose a big threat in the spreading of diseases to wildlife hence threatening their survival.In a separate case this year, a British couple who shared a hotel room managed to escape trial in Dubai for having sex out of wedlock by producing a marriage certificate.Okay, so they might sound better coming from the mouth of George Clooney, but what better way to get you in the mood for love this Valentine's Day than these classic screen one-liners.If you're fed up with being fed corny come-ons, or if your man's suffering from a serious dose of inability-to-do-romance fever, we've got the perfect antidote.Read our top ten most swoon-worthy sweet nothings from the big screen - they're guaranteed to touch the hardest heart. "It's like seeing someone for the first time, and you look at each other for a few seconds, and there's this kind of recognition like you both know something.Unlike other chatting sites, our live chatting website is totally free to use and does not require any registration or login.

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    There's requisite scuba and parasailing action, but also a PARTY BOUNCE PLAY full of inflatable slides and bounce houses.