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Cut the dish’s yeasty tartness with an The golden rule when it comes to this rustic meal for two? Sauntering into the friendly Northeast Portland dining room come 7 p.m.only to see a line slashed though the 2Fer on the chalkboard menu is a special kind of gut punch.

Served on a tabletop burner, the orange soup reduces to a rich, homey, ramen slurry by the time three or four eaters finish up a few big bottles of Hite, each ladleful unearthing another treasure trove of weird.* Bonus: the cheery, K-pop soundtracked spot’s late-night menu hides an odyssey of solid bites (.99–8.99) until midnight Friday–Saturday.

While it’s no longer a cart, it’s still , all white brick and little potted flowers.

Fried chicken and larb tuna poke bento are starring attractions, but a heaping pile of succulent, saucy Korean short ribs over rice, zucchini, and kimchi keeps us coming back.

The platter’s rounded out with Southern-inspired sides, hush puppies, and rémoulade.

(Dairy-free folks love the creamy “mac no-cheese,” but feel free to play it safe with sweet potato fries and chipotle slaw.)Sundays and Mondays only, casual Korean Han Oak ditches its prix fixe menu for an à la carte night of noodles, dumplings, and fried chicken.

But while daylight reigns, dirt-cheap oysters are the draw—the seats packed for happy hour platters of craggy, just-shucked Nevor and Cougar Creek bivalves (among others), served alongside bright, little house tinctures—blood orange to jalapeño ginger.

Toast your shucker with a macrobrew tallboy, then slurp, swoon, and repeat.

At their Pearl District perch, the raw, honey-friendly vegan geniuses behind Pixie Retreat’s addictive L’il Puddin’ cups now allow fans to create custom combinations from an array of organic toppings.

One scoop of sweet, creamy coconut-cashew cream sets you back three measly bucks—from there, mix in (gluten-free) cookie dough, salted caramel, almond butter, berry purée, and more. It’s that super-cute Belmont spot run by former Chez Panisse pastry chef Jehnee Rains.

Proof is this sandwich: cheddar and fontina on generous squares of pizza bianca, tangy pickled peppers tucked within, served alongside a bright tomato soup topped with a fistful of arugula. with scallions, cucumbers, sauces, and a pile of steamed tortilla-like pancakes.

Assemble the crispy, fatty-skinned meat into a Chinese taco and delight in its simplicity (as well as the dining hall’s stripped down, Olive Garden vibe).

Punctual patrons are rewarded with a generous double portion of whatever hearty delight is on offer that day—steaks to roasted chickens, plus veg The hot case inside a drab Northeast minimart hides one of Portland’s most perfect chicken cravings: golden, juicy, salty-sweet wings that deliver a titanic crunch with each bite, so crisp you can nibble ’em down to the tips. Draper Valley birds sizzled in an open fryer rather than a soggy pressure cooker, according to owner Chris Chung, who’s been tinkering with his recipe for more than a decade.