Error before updating scaffolding from new db

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Error before updating scaffolding from new db - dating love interznak ru

$ ./grailsw create-controller Vehicle | Created grails-app/controllers/org/grails/guides/Vehicle Controller.groovy | Created src/test/groovy/org/grails/guides/Vehicle Controller Spec.groovy $ ./grailsw create-controller Make | Created grails-app/controllers/org/grails/guides/Make Controller.groovy | Created src/test/groovy/org/grails/guides/Make Controller Spec.groovy $ ./grailsw create-controller Model | Created grails-app/controllers/org/grails/guides/Model Controller.groovy | Created src/test/groovy/org/grails/guides/Model Controller Spec.groovy property set, Grails will now generate all necessary CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) actions for the respective domain classes.

Normally all this functionality would require a lot of coding, but Grails gives us a headstart with scaffolding.

Go to start.and use the Grails Application Forge to generate your Grails project.

You can choose your project type (Application or Plugin), pick a version of Grails, and choose a Profile - then click "Generate Project" to download a ZIP file. $ grails list-profiles | Available Profiles -------------------- * angular - A profile for creating applications using Angular JS * rest-api - Profile for REST API applications * base - The base profile extended by other profiles * angular2 - A profile for creating Grails applications with Angular 2 * plugin - Profile for plugins designed to work across all profiles * profile - A profile for creating new Grails profiles * react - A profile for creating Grails applications with a React frontend * rest-api-plugin - Profile for REST API plugins * web - Profile for Web applications * web-plugin - Profile for Plugins designed for Web applications * webpack - A profile for creating applications with node-based frontends using webpack$ grails profile-info plugin Profile: plugin -------------------- Profile for plugins designed to work across all profiles Provided Commands: -------------------- | Error Error occurred loading commands: commands.

Please see the GORM documentation for more information.

Right now our domain class has no properties, and no constraints.

GORM is a powerful tool in the Grails framework, and can even be used standalone outside of a Grails project.

It supports relational databases (via Hibernate) as well as Mongo Db, Neo4j, Redis and Cassandra datasources.Try playing with our new domain model from the Console.Here’s a simple script to get you started - again, refer to the GORM documentation for more details on querying, persistence, configuration and more.Actions are public methods in a controller, which can respond to requests.Typically, a controller action will receive a request, obtain some data (optionally using parameters or a body of the request, if present), and render the result to the browser (e.g, as a webpage).Run the app again and open the DB Console to view the new tables. This file can be used for any custom logic you want to happen during application startup.

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