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The role of band 3 in mediating the oxygenated/deoxygenated metabolic transition was examined by treating cells with pervanadate, a reagent that prevents the GE–band 3 complex from forming.We report that pervanadate suppresses oxygen-dependent changes in glycolytic and PPP fluxes.

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Oxygen-dependent metabolic regulation was monitored by conducting the isotopic labeling experiments under both oxygenated and deoxygenated conditions.

These findings are consistent with the band 3-mediated metabolic regulatory model and suggest that the GE–band 3 complex plays a direct role in regulating glycolytic and pentose shunt fluxes of intact erythrocytes.

We hypothesized that pervanadate-induced disruption of the GE–band 3 complex would stimulate glycolytic flux in oxygenated RBCs and prevent cells from responding metabolically to changes in oxygen tension.

partial pressures are high, erythrocytes are exposed to oxidative stresses that must be controlled by accelerated production of reducing equivalents derived from the pentose phosphate pathway (PPP).

In the peripheral tissues, where O pressures are low, erythrocytes must pass through capillaries much smaller than their own diameters (2), causing the cells to distort as they flow from the arterioles to the postcapillary venules.

In this study, we introduce a C NMR technique for quantifying metabolic pathway flux in intact cells.

We examine the metabolic consequences of disrupting the GE–band 3 interaction in intact cells by stimulating tyrosine phosphorylation on band 3 with pervanadate.To date, only two publications have tested the band 3 model directly. (19), showed that red cells treated with 4,4′-diisothiocyanatostilbene-2,2′-disulfonic acid (DIDS), a covalent inhibitor of band 3-mediated anion transport, exhibit altered PPP activity.However, Messana et al.'s study did not demonstrate any effect of DIDS on GE–band 3 interactions nor did it control for the effects of DIDS on intracellular p H, membrane skeletal interactions (23), or ion concentrations. (24), showed that computer models of red cell metabolism are consistent with band 3-mediated metabolic regulation (24), but it provided limited experimental evidence to support their computations.Furthermore, peptide fragments of band 3's GE binding site compete with native band 3 for GEs in resealed cells (16), and transgenic mice lacking band 3 exhibit no membrane-associated GEs (16).Several indirect lines of evidence suggest that GE–band 3 interactions act as an oxygen-dependent metabolic regulator.Deoxygenation elevates glycolytic flux and lowers pentose phosphate pathway (PPP) activity in mammalian erythrocytes.

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