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As with most other New World stations, KSAZ declined to run Fox Kids programming, which instead moved to KTVK and then in 1996, to KASW (channel 61).KTVK originally chose to become a charter affiliate of The WB upon its January 11, 1995 debut, but that network's programming also went to KASW when it launched on September 22, 1995.

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This switch temporarily left KSAZ as an independent station as Fox's affiliation agreement with its existing affiliate KNXV-TV (channel 15) did not expire until December 14 – as such, KSAZ was the only station involved in the New World deal and Fox's other affiliation agreements with Big Three stations that were byproducts of it that did not switch to Fox directly from another network.The ABC affiliation was to move from KTVK to KNXV on January 9, 1995 (as part of a separate multi-station affiliation deal between ABC and KNXV's owner, the E. Scripps Company), however KNXV began to add ABC shows in stages that August, as KTVK started to gradually excise that network's programs from its schedule (ABC's primetime and sports programs were the only network shows remaining on KTVK shortly before the affiliation formally moved to KNXV).Fox's primetime and sports programming moved to channel 10 on December 15, 1994.Two of the hostages, Jack Webb and Bob Cimino, were released three hours later.At p.m., anchor Bill Close read a 20-minute statement as Gwin sat next to him holding a gun under the table; Close took Gwin's gun after the statement and set it on the table.The Autry-Prairie Farmer group signed on channel 10 as a shared operation on October 24, 1953.

Under the arrangement, the two separate stations alternated airtime, but used the same channel allocation and transmitter.The butt of the gun struck Louis Villa in the back of the head; Gwin then held Villa in a chokehold, at gunpoint, for nearly five hours.Gwin took four people hostage and demanded nationwide airtime.Since moving to University of Phoenix Stadium, there have been no in-market blackouts (and due to the NFL suspending its blackout policies, initially for at least 2015 and later again for the 2016 season, KSAZ is, at least for the time being, guaranteed to air all Fox-televised Cardinals games, home or away, regardless of ticket sales).As a result of the affiliation agreement, four commercial television stations in the Phoenix market each swapped network affiliations at different times.The station's operations did not change significantly under Gulf, Taft or Great American Broadcasting ownership.

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