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When that conversation ends, speak to other people in the room.

Ignore the side quest and witch hunters kill all of the mages, thus ending any chance to romance Triss.

Geralt and Triss enjoy a bit of passion and she becomes his girlfriend.

Afterwards, Dijkstra brings up the aforementioned assassination.

Unfortunately one of the mages, Olivier, died during the fight. Travel down the tunnel and dispose of two Drowners; keep Triss behind Geralt at all times. When you reach the room with wooden barrel scaffolding, go north to a dead end. Collect as many books as you want and then bust through the loose bricks to the southwest.

Talk to Triss about this and answer however you wish. During this brief period of time you can chat with Sigismund Djikstra however you want. Go into the tunnel and kill the enemy standing in Geralt If Triss came back, you both go to a lighthouse to watch the mages escape via boat.

The radiant Triss Merigold has a soft spot for Geralt, but you must finish the Now Or Never Secondary Quest.

To access it, finish both the A Favor for Radovid Main Quest and the A Matter of Life and Death side quest.If the thought of Anisse and Berthold perishing is too much to bear, go with Triss to the Bits district. Walk down the wood stairs and Triss spies a patrol of guards in the distance.You can hide out near a building and let the enemies pass, or make Geralt If either Anisse or Berthold die, the surviving mage is upset.Walk over to the big table and listen to the conversation, responding however you want.There are disagreements among the party and you wind up with Eskel, Lambert and Yennefer.Everyone has some drinks to lighten the mood, then Eskel asks Geralt if he Onto the bad news.