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SRI reader consistency estimates over a four-month period, by grade. Is minimum acceptable growth (slope of improvement or average weekly increase in score by grade level) specified in manual or published materials? Approximately half of the schools in the state had some form of Title I program (either school-wide or targeted assistance).The sample's distributions of scores on norm-referenced and other standardized measures of reading comprehension are similar to those reported for national distributions.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Website: inquiries: questions: SRI is a research-based, computer-adaptive reading assessment for students in grades K-12 that measures reading comprehension on the Lexile Framework for Reading.You’ll find that the ladies in the chat rooms are a welcoming bunch and very flirtatious.While other lesbian chat rooms on those other sites may have rules and restrictions, you’ll see that Wild Buddies is pretty much un-moderated.The student is asked to read a passage taken from an authentic text and then choose the option that best fills the blank in the last statement.To complete the statement, the student must respond on a literal level (recall a fact) or inferential level (determine the main idea of the passage, draw an inference from the material presented, or make a connection between sentences in the passage).Cost for year 1: ,950.00 for complete kit which includes 200 licenses per site with complete software program and six teacher’s guides.

Optional costs: .00 for additional teacher manuals.

Test-retest reliability examines the extent to which two administrations of the same test yield similar results.

When taken together, alternate-form reliability and test-retest reliability are estimates of reader measure consistency.

Raw, standard, percentile, and composite scores are available.

Grade equivalents, normal curve equivalents, stanines, and developmental benchmarks are also available. During January 2000, a study was conducted to compare SRI with scores from the STAR assessment (School Renaissance Institute).

The tool provides information on student performance in Spanish (print version only) and English.