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This free service is somewhat controversial for the amount of free information that it pulls in, but still, quite useful for those performing a genealogy search.More » You can't use Free Lunch to find information on individuals, but you can use it to find economic and financial data on specific communities from a wide range of categories, anything from Crime to the GDP. More » If the person you're looking for has ever filed for a patent, you'll find it here.

More » You can find a zip code here at the USPS Zip Code Finder by using an address, city, and company; they also give you the option to find all cities in a particular zip code.

While there are other feature-rich apps out there like Spy Camera OS, Re Cam is simple and to the point, which makes spying fast and easy.

When you first launch Re Cam, tap the plus sign to schedule a new recording event.

Note to readers: Pipl seems to be changing its model to more of a paid usage, right now it does offer some features for free but upgrades are available for a small fee. More » Family Search, one of the largest collection of genealogical and historical records in the world, is primarily a genealogy tracker, which makes it an invaluable people search tool as well.

Type in as much information as you know, and Family Search will bring back birth and death records, parental information, and more.

Once you set the time, schedule a date, and name it, select the camera (front or back) and the recording quality, then hit "Schedule." With your event created and scheduled, it would be wise to set up your device at a good vantage point.

The screen can be off when recording so as to not give anything away, so placement of your Android device can look natural or completely hidden, depending on what the job calls for.

When you're ready to view your footage, simply swipe right in the app to access the menu panel, then select "Recorded Videos." You can also see what you have scheduled to record using the "Recording Jobs" option.

What makes Re Cam great is that they make it simple to set up a recording with their user-friendly interface. Share us your results in the comment section below, and make sure to follow Gadget Hacks over on Facebook, Google , and Twitter for more Android fun.

You'll have to register to see detailed information (it's free), but the results can be worth it.

More » Zabasearch is an extraordinarily effective Invisible Web people search engine, pulling details from public records: court records, country and state records, phone number listings, public transactions, voter registration records, etc., as well as any information that the individual themselves puts online.

If you're looking for information on people, the Invisible, or Hidden, Web can be a wonderfully detailed treasury, yielding information that more generalized searches are just not able to provide.