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In November 2012, the policy changed, so that free shipping required a minimum $75 purchase. People spent more just to get something 'free' - so consider offering free shipping after a certain purchase threshold on your ecommerce store.Furthermore, using the word free in your email campaigns can significantly increase open rate.

In a series of experiments, Ariely found that consumers would pick a free item over a very low-cost item, even when that low-cost item represented a greater overall value.

Life is too busy to wait in line for your birth control.

Good news—you can skip the pharmacy and order birth control pills, the patch, and the ring online!

Make sure your product descriptions, press releases, and blog posts use the word 'new' and focus on new products as well.

The word 'free' isn't just a price - it's a powerful emotional trigger and a source of irrational excitement.

Here's an example of an online retailer who uses the word 'you' in their product descriptions to increase their conversion rate: A form of the word 'you' appears 4 times in this clever marketing copy.

Notice that the narrative is focused on how this portable projector makes the shopper's life easier. Take a look at all of your ecommerce product descriptions and make sure you're addressing your prospects directly.When Ariely offered buyers a choice between a Lindt 'Lindor Truffle' for 15 cents — about half of its usual cost — and a Hershey Kiss for 1 penny, 73% chose the Lindt because of its apparent value.But when the price of both items was lowered by just one cent to 14 cents and free respectively, 69% of shoppers took the free Hershey Kiss.You know that feeling you get at a buffet, where you're full but you keep eating because it's free?Or perhaps all those free pens you took at the trade show that you won't use but you took them anyways? Nobody knows the power of using the word 'free' like Amazon.Four words have been defined by recent studies in behavioral economics, psychology and neuroeconomics to appeal to consumers primal instinct.

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