Free tstv dateline

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Free tstv dateline

According to him, eleven companies were licensed to manufacture the needed set-top-boxes in Nigeria to complete the process, even though the first batch to be used would be imported to allow for set up time for the factories.

“Governor Ayade has charged us to ensure that we implement what is found in our Action Plan, and we have gotten approval to build a Canadian International School in Obudu and it has been by Abuja, and we want to take advantage of the proximity of the Obudu mountain Resort, and based on the fact that it is an International School it will attract patronage from across the country and outside Nigeria. We are very set to go, set to transform our Basic Education sector.

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We also want to commence academic activities at the Model School that has been handed over to us at Abi Local Government Area, there is one in Yala, and after here I’m meeting with the commissioner for Education for us to perfect plans on how we are going to run the schools.

You know, when you talk of basic education, our mandate end at the JSS level”, the SUBEB Chairman asserted.

Mba, who blamed the June 2015 failure on funding challenge, said the Pilot-City-DSO conducted in Jos has achieved 90 per cent coverage in the whole of the state.

As part of plans to hasten the transition process, he informed that the Commission had recently appointed in view a UK based software company, Technologies limited for the provision of a national common Set-top-Box system with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties.‘‘We have seen various countries take different approaches in a way every user will have unhindered access to various applications as in US. The challenges operators are having in Nigeria like multiple regulations, multiple regulation, the whole broadcasting environment among others have to be properly looked into to move forward.’’ He decried the challenge being faced by the telecommunications operators in Nigeria and called on stakeholders to support them in order to succeed.Taylor, who didn’t not spare the operators on the high cost of roaming services demanded that all their tariff plans be reviewed to avoid exploitation. Emeka Mba, director general of NBC reassured on the new digitization dateline, saying that the Commission is working hard to put all the building blocks in place to attain the new target.TStv Be IN Sport Picture Quality EYE OPENER It has also come to my notice that there are two types of TStv decoder- the first one is the box type (the one that looks like a cooler with 3G service) and the second one is the flat type (it comes with a camera and 4.5g service).Shola Taylor, secretary general of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO), said Nigeria can use proceeds from available spectrum auction to achieve a seamless transition from analogue to digital broadcasting in 2017.‘‘If the spectrums are auctioned efficiently, the proceeds can be used to fund the transition programme.