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They may have difficulty remembering once-familiar telephone numbers or the names of friends.They lose their train of thought or forget the topic of conversation.

Anxiety and more specifically depression; however, would not appear to be able to account for all of the differences in memory complaint between pain patients and controls. 2, 103-110) Lupus Foundation of America Lupus Foundation of Minnesota Lupus Patients Understanding and Support - UK Dorough Lupus Foundation Clinical Overview of Lupus Hamline University Lupus Home Page Alliance for Lupus Research Lupus Site (SLE) email group Lupus Books via LFA Store National MS Society MS Central Support Multiple Myelin Project Home Myelin Repair Foundation MSWorld Multiple Sclerosis - Forums, email and publications Laurel Highlands Multiple Sclerosis Support Group National Academies Press Multiple Sclerosis Books Curezone MS Books RA Support Websites Arthritis Foundation Arthritis National Research Foundation Arthritis Society of Canada Phoenix Foundation RA Med Help Information NOAH RA Support (Yahoo group free) RA Books Amazon RA Book Store Arthritis Book Store If you have any questions about BD chat room policies or rules, please read our Behcet's Youth Chat Room Guildlines or our Terms of Use and Disclaimer below.The diagnostic criteria varies depending on what symptom they are trying to treat.For example, the following BD symptoms have been studied and each subgroup of symptoms have a diagnostic criteria associated with it: Vasculo-Behcet's, Neuro-Behcet's, Occulo-Behcet's, GI-Behcet's, etc.VA Chronic Pain Website for VA programs Memory Complaints In Chronic Pain Article explains that chronic Pain is a disease that causes its own symptoms.In addition to unremitting pain, chronic pain patients can present with a complex set of additional symptoms, including paraesthesia, chronic fatigue, irritability, reduced libido, somatic preoccupation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and cognitive disturbance.Both the pain behaviors and cognitive impairment reported by pain patients show a striking similarity to those symptoms noted in patients who have sustained a mild, closed head injury.

Among chronic pain patients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and sustained acceleration-deceleration injuries (also referred to as "whiplash" injuries), the question arises as to whether these memory complaints could be related to an underlying head trauma.

They may report forgetting appointments or find themselves several kilometers from where they were supposed to be.

These difficulties are often a source of social and personal embarrassment and may be commented upon by family and friends.

This disease may show up early with one or two symptoms.

In time, other symptoms by appear or disappear depending on what body systems are being affected.

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